The Support View app provides visibility to support tickets that clients have opened. This article covers specifics about integrating with Zendesk, required as part of completing the integration.

Company ID

A company ID is required to connect each company in Zendesk with it's respective client record in ClientSuccess. This can be done individually as clients are added to ClientSuccess or in bulk, by sending them to us to import via the messenger below.

ID pairing

Once Zendesk has been activated and you've authenticated your instance inside ClientSuccess (Global settings > Apps & Integrations > Support Integrations > Zendesk), your Zendesk IDs will need to be paired with the appropriate accounts. If the client names inside Zendesk match 100% to the names inside of ClientSuccess, reach out to us via in-app chat and we can do a hard sync to pair the accounts.

If the names do not match, please follow the instructions listed below to obtain the individual IDs.

Obtain an individual Zendesk company ID

This article explains how to create Organizations in Zendesk and how to locate the Organization ID.

Obtain all company IDs

Getting the Zendesk IDs is simple. Once you are signed in, load this URL in your browser:


You’ll need to replace “[subdomain]” with your actual Zendesk subdomain. 

If you have more than 100, you’ll have to add a page number onto the end of the URL, like this:


The results that appear on the screen will look like some code. Copy and paste it and send it over via the messenger below and we will be able to extract the org IDs from that and import them into ClientSuccess.

The Zendesk name must match the ClientSuccess name exactly in order for us to properly pair the two.

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