The Support View app provides visibility to support tickets that clients have opened. This article covers specifics about integrating with Salesforce Service Cloud, required as part of completing the integration.

The following steps from Configuring the Salesforce Integration are required to get your support tickets in ClientSuccess. It's recommended you complete the entire integration, but here's the minimum for getting Service Cloud tickets in ClientSuccess:


1. Enable the Salesforce integration on the integration settings screen.

2. Click "Show settings" on the right to reveal configuration settings.

3. Click "Connect" and sign in with your Salesforce Sales Cloud account.

4. Enter your Salesforce Organization ID and click "Save."

5. Import your existing accounts from Salesforce. (If you've already imported your accounts, you're good to go!)

6. On the integrations settings screen, enable the Support View module.

7. Notify us via the messenger below (or through your CSM) after you have imported your Salesforce accounts so that we can activate Salesforce Service Cloud.

Once connected and accounts have been imported, they'll have an associated Salesforce ID. Salesforce Service Cloud tickets appear automatically once the Support View has been enabled and Service Cloud activated.

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