The Support View app provides visibility to support tickets that clients have opened. This article covers specifics about integrating with Freshdesk, required as part of completing the integration.

Company ID

A company ID is required to connect each company in Freshdeck with it's respective client record in ClientSuccess. This can be done individually as clients are added to ClientSuccess or in bulk, by sending them to us to import via the messenger below.

Obtain an individual Freshdesk company ID

  1. Navigate to customers.
  2. The select an individual company.
  3. You'll see the ID in the URL in your browser’s status bar. Optionally, you can right-click and get link address.

Obtain all company IDs

Once signed into, load this URL (you will need to change "[company name]" with your appropriate sub-domain):

https://[company name]

Some code-looking text will be displayed on the screen that looks something like this:

   "name":"Super Nova",
   "description":"Space Shuttle Manufacturing",
   "custom_fields" : {
      "website": "",
      "address": "123, Baker Street,\r\nNew York"

Copy and paste that into a text file and send that to use to import.

Note that the list that is returned is paginated. If you have a lot of clients, you will need to append "?page=2" to the end of the URL and increment the number until you get everything.

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