The Support View app provides visibility to support tickets that clients have opened. This article covers specifics about integrating with Desk, required as part of completing the integration.

Company ID

A company ID is required to connect each company in Desk with it's respective client record in ClientSuccess. This can be done individually as clients are added to ClientSuccess or in bulk, by sending them to us to import via the messenger below.

Obtain an individual Desk company ID

  1. Hover over company name/tab
  2. You'll see the ID in the URL in your browser’s status bar. Optionally, you can right-click and get link address.

Obtain all company IDs

Once signed into, customize the following URL with your sub-domain and load it in a web browser

https://[company name]

If you have more than 100 clients, you will also need to increment the number after "per_page". A bunch of code-looking text will appear in the browser. Cut-n-pate this text and send it to us to import via the messenger below.

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