Workflow for "potential" subscriptions

Opportunities for potential deals, Subscriptions for forecasting and renewal

This workflow consists of using opportunities for nurturing and closing initial purchases by new clients and then using subscriptions for managing, forecasting, and renewing the purchases for these clients. The process comes "out of the box" with the ClientSuccess for Salesforce integration.

1. Salespersons use Salesforce opportunities to nurture and close new deals with new clients.

2. When the opportunity is closed, a potential subscription is generated based on the opportunity-to-subscription mapping (see "Opportunity-to-Subscription mapping" below). The most common trigger for generating the potential subscription is the opportunity being marked "Closed Won." The potential subscription is then considered "in queue" to be activated.

3. The potential subscription is synchronized with ClientSuccess. The Assigned CSM receives an email notifying them of the new potential subscription.

4. The CSM reviews the potential subscription, makes any adjustments or enhancements, and then activates it.

5. Any edits, mid-term upsell, forecast, and renewals are synchronized between the two platforms.

Note: A "Create Potential Subscription" checkbox is added to the Opportunity object when installing the ClientSuccess for Salesforce App. Potential Subscriptions will be created (in the Subscriptions object in Salesforce) for each Opportunity (or Opportunity line item) when it is saved with this checkbox checked. You can check this box manually or set up a workflow rule to check it automatically. A common rule is to check it when the Opportunity status is set to "Closed Won." If you choose to have it checked automatically, we recommend that you remove it from Opportunity Page Layouts.

Note: If you choose not to use the recommended workflow, we recommend that you do not add the "Create potential subscription" checkbox to your Opportunity Page Layouts as described above.

How "potential" subscriptions appear in the interface of ClientSuccess

Once the workflow is in place and a potential subscription has been generated, ClientSuccess can alert you that such a subscription is available to be added.

As the potential subscription moves from Salesforce to ClientSuccess, you will need to accept it by adding it to the subscription module. Clicking a product will give you the following pop-up:

Hitting select fills in the subscription details, and the subscription now syncs bi-directionally thanks to our custom object previously added as part of the integration.

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