A feature of the Salesforce Integration is the ability to push Engagement interactions and notes into Salesforce. As you enter meetings, phone calls, emails, and notes into ClientSuccess, you may want these interactions also recorded in Salesforce. While the ClientSuccess Account View window in Salesforce provides full read access to all Engagement interactions, you may also want copies in Salesforce for reporting or other automation. Emails, phone calls, and meetings are pushed into the Activity object. Notes are pushed into the Notes object.

How to use


To push Engagement interactions to Salesforce, you must:


Clients are uniquely identified in Salesforce by the Salesforce Account ID. This ID is brought into ClientSuccess automatically when they are imported. This ID is used to maintain a pairing between the account in Salesforce and the record in ClientSuccess. If this ID is changed or removed, pushing Engagement interactions to Salesforce will fail.


1. Select an Engagement interaction (manually entered email, phone call, or meeting).

2. Click the export button.

3. Click "Push to Salesforce."

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