Set permissions and profiles

  1. In Salesforce, Select “Setup” in the main menu across the top of Salesforce. You might see the Setup link on the main page or inside the pull-down menu when you click your name.
  2. In the sidebar on the left, click the arrow next to “Manage Apps” to toggle open the sub-menu and then click “Connected Apps.”

3. A list of connected apps will appear. Click “Edit” to the left of “ClientSuccessAccountView.”

4. Under OAuth policies confirm the following settings and adjust as necessary:

  • Set Permitted users to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized.” Click "OK" in the alert that appears.
  • Set IP Relaxation to "Relax IP restrictions".
  • Set Refresh Token Policy to "Refresh token is valid until revoked".

5. Then click “Save.” You should be returned back to the list of connected apps.

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