The ClientSuccess package installed in your Salesforce instance provides core functionality to the Salesforce integration.

Version 3.20   21 December 2017

  • Resolved duplicate subscriptions being sent from Salesforce to ClientSuccess via Opportunity App.

Version 3.10   31 March 2017

  • Fixed unit tests that were preventing installation on some instances.

Version 3.9   7 February 2017

  • Updated help link on the ClientSuccess settings tab.
  • Requires Spring '17 release.

Version 3.8   22 December 2016

  • Stability update.

Version 3.6
  29 November 2016

  • Fixed issue with End Date being off by one day on new potential Subscriptions created in Salesforce.

Version 3.5
  22 November 2016

  • Bug fixes and general stability enhancements.

Version 3.4
  28 October 2016

  • Added contacts synchronization.

Version 2.30
  6 October 2016

  • Resolved issue causing error to be thrown when attempting to save changes to opportunities in Salesforce.

Version 2.29
  2 October 2016

  • This update adds a new custom object called "Subscriptions" and a few new custom fields to the Opportunity object to accommodate a full, two-way synchronization of Subscriptions between ClientSuccess and Salesforce. It also includes a new opportunity-to-subscriptions mapping table on the ClientSuccess Settings tab in Salesforce that can be used for automatically creating potential subscriptions from closed opportunities. Having your Subscriptions inside of Salesforce provides convenient options for synchronizing with other data sets, automated workflows, and custom reporting.

Version 2.15   22 April 2016

  • Retired product_type custom fields from the Opportunity and Opportunity Product Line-item objects (fields still exist but are no longer used and no longer reference objects). They will be removed in a future release.

Version 2.8
  21 March 2016

  • App now properly installs Custom Settings.

Version 2.7
  9 March 2016

  • Minor bug fixes related to upgrading from a previous version.

Version 2.6
  9 March 2016

  • Replaced custom import filters with a standard "Sync with ClientSuccess" checkbox.
  • New fields added to the Opportunity object:
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Months
  • Auto renew
  • Product
  • New fields added to the Opportunity Product Line-item object:
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Months
  • Auto renew
  • New fields added to the Product object:
  • Type
  • Use of the Product object now required.

Version 2.5
  14 January 2016

  • Suppresses errors that Salesforce generates that can cause conflicts with other apps and prohibit unit tests from running.

Version 2.4
  28 December 2015

  • Bug fixes.

Version 2.3
  2 December 2015

  • Bug fixes.

Version 2.2
  19 October 2015

  • Updated tests to be compatible with the Winter 2016 release (useful for company's with extensive test coverage requirements).

Version 2.1  
15 July 2015

  • General speed and stability improvements.
  • Enhanced to reduce the number of API calls made.
  • Includes two custom fields that should be added to the account object:
  • ClientSuccess Assigned CSM (ClientSuccess__ClientSuccess_Assigned_CSM__c)
  • ClientSuccess SuccessScore (ClientSuccess__ClientSuccess_SuccessScore__c)

Version 2.0

  • Added automatic Account import and real-time sync.

Version 1.0

  • Initial release
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