The NPS app provides visibility to NPS responses that your clients' contacts have completed. This article covers specifics about integrating with Delighted, required as part of completing the integration.

Access token (aka API key)

An access token or API key is required to connect an NPS tool to ClientSuccess.

Obtain the access token

Your access token can be retrieved under your API settings in Delighted. Copy and paste this into the Delighted access token under App Settings for Apps & integrations inside of ClientSuccess.

Once entered, your NPS responses will appear in ClientSuccess. A true-up will take place nightly.


Enabling webhooks for real-time NPS results

If you'd like results to appear in real-time (as opposed to nightly updates), you'll want to send webhook notifications for all NPS results.

In Delighted, head on over to the webhooks settings**. You'll want to add a new rule for all responses being sent to ClientSuccess. An example is below:

You'll need the name of your company as it appears in our ClientSuccess database, so please reach out via the in-app messenger below and we'll be able to provide you with that information.

**Make sure that the webhooks status has been turned to On.


After you have everything set up, please reach out to our support channel via intercom or and request for the integration to be completed. 

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