After connecting an Office 365 email account, ClientSuccess will automatically bring in copies of all email messages sent to or received from your clients. No need to BCC or forward emails as the platform will simply watch your account for you.

Emails within a 24-hour window moving forward (from the time users connect) will be brought into the Engagement module every hour.

How to configure


To connect an Office 365 email account, you must:

  • Have a an Office 365 email account.

For messages to be brought in:

  • Be TO (directly or via CC) or FROM a contact that exists in ClientSuccess within twenty-four hours of the message being sent or received.
  • Be TO (directly or via CC) or FROM from you.
  • The email must not be in the calendar, contacts, journal, conversation history, notes, tasks, RSS feeds, clutter, junk, drafts, or shared folders.


  1. Select "Your settings" in the main menu (your avatar bubble in the top right corner).
  2. Select "Email integration" in the menu in the left sidebar.
  3. Click "Connect Office 365".
  4. Enter the email address and password for your Office 365 email account.
  5. Click save.
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