With the Gmail email integration, ClientSuccess will automatically import all email messages sent to or received from your clients and display them in the Engagement module.

Emails within a 24-hour window moving forward (from the time users connect) will be brought into the Engagement module every hour.

How to configure


To connect a Gmail account, you must:

  • Have a Gmail account.

To be imported, the email must:

  • Be TO (directly or via CC) or FROM a contact that exists in ClientSuccess within twenty-four hours of the message being sent or received.
  • Be TO (directly or via CC) or FROM from you.
  • Not be in the drafts, spam, or trash folders.


By default ClientSuccess syncs all folders; however, you can give us a list of specific folders you'd like to sync. If you have whitelisted folders, only emails in these folders will sync.

Please reach out via the in-app chat or to your Assigned CSM to make the change.


Changing your password invalidates your token and breaks the integration. You will need to re-authenticate within twenty-four hours to avoid missing any messages.


  1. Navigate to the "Email integration" screen (under "Your settings" in the main menu).

2. Click the 'Connect Gmail' button.

3. A new window will open.

4. If you are not signed in, you will need to sign in to your Gmail account.

5. Grant ClientSuccess permission to access your account.

6. If you are using an email alias, then you must specifically add that alias to your gmail account settings (for example, if your actual email address is first.last@example.com, but you use the alias first@example.com).

Resolving issues

If you have completed the configuration above but are not seeing messages in ClientSuccess, here's what you should do:

  • The first thing would be to ensure that you are authenticated.
  • Second would be to see if you've changed your password recently. If so, you'd want to re-authenticate.
  • Third thing would be to confirm that the contact's email address exists as a contact and is correct (no misspellings).  
  • Fourth would be to confirm it was sent as a TO or CC (and not BCC), or received as a FROM.
  • Fifth, it can occasionally take a few hours for the messages to be available via the API used for the integration. This is something on Gmail's side we have to rely on.  
  • Sixth, would be to search in the Gmail web app, using search string at the bottom of this article. If the message is returned in the search results, then there is something wrong on our end. If it isn't then the message doesn't meet our requirements to be imported (it might be in Trash or Spam, for example).

Running the following search in the Gmail web client can help confirm whether it was done correctly. Replace "user@example.com" with the contact's email address first.

(to:user@example.com OR cc:user@example.com OR from:user@example.com) AND -in:drafts AND -in:spam AND -in:trash
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