Q: Why am I unable to add a second subscription for the same product?

A: Make sure you've enabled "multiple subscriptions for the same product: under Subscription app settings.

Q: How do I undo a renewal?

A: Delete the new, active subscription. The previous subscription will be re-activated. See the instructions above for deleting a subscription.

Q: Why can't I undo a renewal that happened a while back?

A: Renewing subscriptions creates a chain of history. Plucking a renewal out of the middle of the chain would disrupt the space-time continuum. If a subscription has been renewed multiple times incorrectly, you need to delete the renewals one at a time, in reverse order. As each subscription is deleted, the previous subscription is re-activated. See the instructions above for deleting a subscription.

Q: How do I un-terminate a terminated subscription?

A: See the instructions for un-terminating a subscription.

Q: Why is the "un-terminate option disabled for some terminated subscriptions?

A: A terminated subscription cannot be un-terminated if an active subscription for the same product exists. Any active subscriptions of the same product must be deleted before the option to un-terminate will become available.

Q: Do you support month-to-month subscriptions?

A: Yes. A month-to-month subscription is simply a subscription with a one month term that is set to renew automatically.

Q: Why is there an orange warning icon next to a Subscription?

A: The orange warning icon indicates a Subscription that is expired (past it's End Date).

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