To book the upcoming renewal:

1. Click the "Renewal" button in the tab bar within the Subscriptions module.

2. Each of the Subscriptions that share the next upcoming renewal date will appear in the Renewal Modal as individual rows. Details of the Active Subscription is in the left column and the Forecast is on the right.

3. Optionally, update the Forecast to reflect the final details of the new Subscription (see "Edit a Subscription Forecast above").

4. Click "Renew" in the upper-lefthand corner of the screen.

5. Confirm that you indeed want to proceed with booking the renewal by clicking "Yes, renew" in the confirmation dialogue that appears.

6. Click "Done" on the success screen to finish.

The previous Subscription will be moved to the Past tab and the new Subscription will take it's place.

To Renew an individual Subscription, locate the Subscription on the Active tab and then select "Renew" from the contextual menu that appears on the right edge when you hover over the row.

To Renew multiple Subscriptions with different End Dates, locate the subscriptions on the Active tab and check the checkboxes to the left of the product name. Then click the "Renewal" button in the tab bar.

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