There are four different client statuses in ClientSuccess. Only clients marked Active or Trial will show on the main client summary screen. Admins can access clients with any of the following statuses (including inactive and terminated) from the clients settings screen.

  • Active: This is a current, active client; typically under contract.
  • Trial:  Used for a prospect or trial account.
  • Inactive: For a client or prospect whose informal relationship has moved to an inactive status. This should NOT be used for terminated customers with a subscription that has churned or terminated.  Once a client status has been set to Inactive they will no longer appear on any in-app reports, including the Churn reports.  To see the list of Inactive customers, you must browse to the "Clients" list in your Global Settings.
  • Terminated: This status is for a client that had a formal, contractual relationship that has ended; or in other words, a churned customer. Note that this status impacts your customer churn metrics. To properly terminate a churned customer, set the status to "Terminated" and update the "termination date" field that dynamically appears. Doing so will properly update your customer churn metrics and customer counts in the related reports.

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