To the right of each client name, you'll find a menu that allows you to set the Pulse, add a new task, add a note, and log a call or meeting. 

Most of the other columns can be edited directly as well, allowing you to:

  • View and update Pulse value, reason codes, and notes 
  • View and edit all activities and tasks within the current SuccessCycle stage 
  • Advance the client to the next stage in their SuccessCycle 
  • Switch the SuccessCycle 
  • View and edit the last Engagement (call or meeting) 
  • Change Client Type 
  • Change Client Status 
  • Reassign a Client to another team member 
  • Change the Assigned Sales Rep 
  • Change the Client-as-of Date 
  • Edit custom fields 
  • Edit Salesforce fields
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