The engagements module in ClientSuccess helps Customer Success teams track the regular interaction activities and information like notes for phone calls, notes for face to face meetings, emails, one-off notes and you can even include attachments.

Using this feature directly effects the Last Touch and Last Engaged on the home client-screen. Because you can sort your contacts by Last Touch or Last Engaged, you'll need to understand the difference.  Last Touch is defined by the action the CSM has taken to reach out to your customer through email or phone call.  Last Engaged is defined as the customer responding to or initiating an email contact to the CSM.

Here's a breakdown of the different types of engagements:


  • Phone call notes: who was on the call, what the subject of the call was about, and detail additional notes, questions, concerns, or next steps.
  • In-person meeting notes: who was at the meeting, what the subject of the meeting was about, and detail additional notes, questions, concerns, or next steps.
  • Emails received: when connected with your email system, messages received from ClientSuccess contacts will automatically show as an engagement activity in the Engagement module.


  • Phone call and in-person meeting notes also count as touches.
  • Emails sent: when connected with your email system, messages sent to ClientSuccess contacts automatically update as a touch.
  • Workaround for Voicemail notes: while ClientSuccess currently does not have an option for voicemails, you can manually add an "email" that will only update the Last Touch field. Tip: keep "Voicemail" in the subject line to easily search for voicemails.

Notes and Files

The engagement module also supports time-dated notes and attachments. These types of notes do not effect Last Touch and Last Engaged.

Filtering by engagement type

Beyond being able to search by key words, ClientSuccess now allows filtering by engagement type. This makes it easy to see the notes you want to, such as just calls and meetings, etc.

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