You can leverage industry best practices or customize to your product and team’s unique approach. You can create SuccessCycles for different segments and different years. You can also chain them together to control the flow from one to the next.

Creating new SuccessCycles

To create a new SuccessCycle:

1. As an admin, navigate to the SuccessCycle settings screen (under "Global settings" in the main menu).

2. Click "Add new" on the right, above the list of cycles.

3. Enter a name. Optionally, you may also enter a description.

4. Begin by clicking "Add new stage" in the list and entering a name for your first stage.

5. Continue entering stages, activities, and tasks to build out your cycle. You can enter multiple items quickly by striking the Return key after each item.

6. Once you are finished, click "Save changes."

Primary SuccessCycles

With the introduction of concurrent SuccessCycles, we’ve labeled “Primary SuccessCycle” and “Primary Stage (days in)” across the clients screen and when editing a client. Now there’s no more confusion as to which SuccessCycle you’re seeing on the home clients screen.

When you jump into a client record, the Primary SuccessCycle in the SuccessCycle app is tabbed on left and automatically emphasized, making it more clear which one you’re working on.

  • Concurrent SuccessCycle activities and tasks (with due dates) show up under the tasks screen. These next steps and action items can help guide your proactive execution across concurring SuccessCycles.
  • When trying to add SuccessCycles to a client, the SuccessCycle dropdown list filters out previously completed cycles.
  • Users can remove a concurrent SuccessCycles as needed.

Client Type Default SuccessCycles

When you first log-in to ClientSuccess, there will be a SuccessCycle labelled "Default SuccessCycle". This is (for lack of better term) the global default SuccessCycle, even if you were to change the name. If you'd like to change the global default to a custom one you've built, please put in a request via the in-app chat below.

Alternatively, you can make certain SuccessCycles available to and set a default cycle based on customer type. Client Types is where you'll want to head. Under the "Cycles" tab, click and configure or adjust accordingly.

Editing SuccessCycles

When edits are made to existing SuccessCycle templates, the changes are pushed out to all clients using that cycle, save the following exceptions:

  • Dates
  • Changes made beneath stages or activities that are already completed.

Bulk-editing Primary SuccessCycles

The Primary SuccessCycle is a data point that can be updated in bulk from the clients screen. It is currently not possible to update Stages in bulk.

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