Custom fields can essentially be used for anything and are displayed on each client record for easy access. You can have up to 15 custom fields per object (Client detail or Contact detail).

We support the following field types (with a 2,000 character limit):

  • text
  • checkbox
  • date
  • decimal
  • integer
  • currency (with "$")
  • link
  • picklist
  • multi-select picklist

Custom fields can be added to the following objects:

Client detail

Client custom fields can be managed by admins under Global Settings > Custom fields. We are happy to set a default value and list order if you contact us.

As client fields, these are also available from the clients screen in order create segments.

Contact detail

Contact custom fields can be added by submitting a request to our support team via the messenger below. Please include the type of field you would like, the desired label, and optionally, a default value. You can also specify the order that you would like the fields to appear in.

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