The Support App provides visibility to support tickets that clients have opened. Tickets can be filtered and sorted. Links are provided to individual tickets within the respective platform.

ClientSuccess integrates with the following support ticket platforms (links to respective platform websites):

How to set up


To set up the Support App, you must:

  • Be a user with full access to ClientSuccess.


1. Submit a request to support via the in-app chat button below which solution you have integrated with so that we can activate it on the back-end of the platform.

2. On the Apps & integrations screen, located under Global settings, enable the Support App.

3. Below, the "SUPPORT INTEGRATIONS" section, hover over the solution you want to integrate with and click "Show Settings" on the right.

4. Enter the URL for your instance of that solution.

5. Click the "Connect" button and then enter the username and password for an account in that solution.

6. If you are integrating with one of the following platforms**, you will then need to enter the company ID into the Support App on each client record. Alternately, you may send them to us in bulk to be uploaded via our in-app chat. Clink on the link below for instructions to obtain the company IDs:

**Salesforce Service Cloud tickets appear automatically once connected to Salesforce, the Support App has been enabled, and Service Cloud activated.

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