ClientSuccess integrates with the following support ticket platform (links to respective platform websites):

How to configure:


To set up the NPS app, you must:

  • Be a user with full access to ClientSuccess.
  • Have access to the NPS tools' API access token.

Results are sorted from your NPS tool into ClientSuccess based on the email addresses, so you'll want to make sure relevant contacts exist inside ClientSuccess.


1. On the Apps & integrations screen, enable the NPS app.

2, Hover over "NPS", and click "Show settings".

3. Enter the access token (aka API key). Here are the instructions for obtaining the access token, as well as completing the integration:

If you use an NPS provider other than Delighted, you can use our API  to gather your individual NPS scores and provide an average score of all responses for that customer, at the top of the client record in ClientSuccess in a field called "NPS SCORE". 

Note:  The API method is limited to just the NPS score at this point and does not provide visibility to the contextual responses of the individuals.  The integrated NPS App with Delighted does provide the detailed insight.

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